Chapter 2 of The Beatru Chronicles, The River and the Turtle

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We return this week with the second chapter from The Beatru Chronicles - The River and the Turtle.   

We left off in chapter one with Beatru and Queen Kozima heading out and on to the Great Plain, having escaped from the Red Men in the forest where Beatru awoke from her dream.   In chapter two, we start to understand that Beatru's situation is much larger than she realized at first and that things are only now starting to get really interesting for her.

Thomas Mitchell and Pax Stanely deliver another stellar presentation as they continue JS Blue's strange but gorgeous story about 9 year old, Beatru, a young girl in need of water and a quick path back to her brother, Dante.

We recognize that this recent shift to slightly older content may have chased off some of our loyal listeners and we apologize if the shift was, perhaps, too abrupt, but we intend to return with another younger child's story prior to the release of chapter three from The Beatru Chronicles.    Planet Storytime has been a wonderful sandbox of experimentation for children's content, but we try to be as mindful as we can to our fans and the parents of our fans.   If you have questions, comments, concerns or complements, please remember to reach out to us at

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