Falling in love with the image in the mirror can prevent you from seeing all that's good and important in the world

Show Notes

Greetings from Planet Storytime!

IN this episode of the podcast, we are proud to present another original story by TM Ganim, How The Bald Man Came To Be.  This is a classic tale about the true definition of beauty and which traits make us a great person and which traits truly do not matter.

Also, we make use of music from one of the greats - Bedřich Smetana's, "Dance of the Comedians", from his comic opera, The Bartered Bride, arranged and adapted for our story by *Pax Stanley.   

* all music except for "Reckoner's Theme" and "Pace of the Bald Men" (P Stanley), written by Bedřich Smetana;    ALL music arranged, recorded, edited and produced by Paxton Stanley.

Enjoy the show!   

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