Crow is up to his old tricks, forcing Beetle to think fast, before the unexpected happens...

Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast, TM Ganim brings us another wonderful story about the need to have perspective in life when considering the numerous things all of us have to be thankful for, from the eyes of our old friends, Crow and Beetle:)    This is a great story packed full of great action, themes of comraderie and gratitude, and the need to be mindful of the always present, bigger picture.   

We've also noticed that our listeners seem to really like the much longer, Stellar Podcast series we started after September.   Given that this is a busy holiday week, we will not be providing a new episode again until Monday, December 9th, so we will be combing our top 5 most popular episodes into one Stellar Top 5 Stories Podcast for PSP14, so be looking for that!

We wish everyone in the Planet Storytime Universe a very happy, Thanksgiving!   We truly appreciate your love and support and hope you really enjoy A Crow and Beetle Thanksgiving!

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