We have been on a much-needed break the past month.   When we started the Planet Storytime Podcast two years ago, we had no idea it would generate as much buzz and support as it has.   Our show has listeners in nearly 120 countries - this continues to blow us away - we had no idea our stories would have such worldwide appeal.   This has inspired us to not only continue producing podcasts but to push ourselves and stretch to create dynamic content that we believe separates us from many of our peers.   

As of this writing, we have the 6th episode from the Livelong series almost finished and ready to publish;   the second act of The Beatru Chronicles is just about ready to go;  and we have a ton of new originals we will be presenting in throughout the fall and winter to close out our 3rd season.

We've recently picked up some more supporters on Patreon (THANK YOU!!! Every little bit truly helps) and we are grateful to all of you!   We've run our podcast without advertisement, in spite of many compelling offers, and have reached a point where that may need to change that in 2022 given that we all have careers and families that require most of our time.   We will never pressure our fans to help us with financial backing, but it should go without saying that we appreciate any contributions you may feel comfortable providing us.

We thank you for your patience while we've taken some time to reflect on the first two years of the show and renew our focus on our third year and the content we provide.

Please - subscribe here on our website and let us know how we are doing!

Thank you for all the love - we look forward to continuing to provide quality children's content for a long time to come:)

Planet Storytime Team

October 3, 2021